Laura Seaman, Realtor®

Laura has lived in Philadelphia since April 2, 1994. She has a Master of City Planning from Penn and worked for the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority for four years, so her knowledge base is vast. Growing from a scrappy teenager to an Ivy League-educated entrepreneur in the City of Brotherly Love has left her with a library’s worth of interesting anecdotes, and if you ask nicely, she’ll be happy to share.

Hmmm…what else do you need to know? Oh, her spirit animal is a pigeon–you see flying rats, she sees streetwise little spitfires who can have a busted wing and trash stuck to their foot and still strut around like the queen of England. She can wax poetic on everything from the latest revival of Fiddler on the Roof to the reason the plumbing aisle of Home Depot smells extra weird on Saturday mornings, and she’ll probably show you a picture of our dogs at some point. Oh, did we leave that part out? Yeah, Laura and Tiffany have been together since 2007 and married since 2015. Having a business together is…um…interesting :-).

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Brit Reed, Operations + Marketing

Brit is new to our team! You might recognize her as another local small business owner. Brit owned Tesoro Design from 2014 until 2022, and has since closed her business. Brit attended FIT, has an international degree in Fashion Design, and spent her 20s as a leather worker, photographer, and business owner. She grew up in the Lancaster area until the age of 7, then moved with her family to Eureka, MO. Her midwestern upbringing made her friendly and her time at FIT made her deeply obsessed with design. Catch her at Herman’s Coffee in South Philly, or walking her dog Gordon anytime of day. She hates winter and lives for the long days of summer.

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Tiffany Zachry, IT + Design

Tiffany manages most of the non-real estate needs of Love Your Block®, including the website and some of the design work. She grew up in Texas, but has lived everywhere from Las Vegas to Hong Kong–somehow, Philly is the only place that really feels like home, though. Don’t worry, she is NOT a Dallas fan (go Birds!).

Outside of Love Your Block®, Tiffany also sat on the boards of Philly Loves Beer (parent organization of Philly Beer Week) and the West Philadelphia Tool Library until recently. She was happy to work with organizations who share her love of craft beer and DIY projects, respectively, and it was an amazing experience getting to know so many unique groups of people.

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