Hi, Ruggers!

Thanks for coming to our home buying seminar February 21st at O’Neal’s–we’re really looking forward to seeing you! If you’d be so kind, use this form to officially RSVP so we can make sure we have enough handouts, etc.


The LYB Crew

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Learn practical tips about the home-buying process from the Love Your Block® Team right at your own favorite bar. 
When: Thursday, February 21, 7 pm 
Where: upstairs at O’Neal’s (3rd & South Street)
What can I expect to learn?
We will give you the ins and outs of buying a home, including how to have your finances in order before you purchase, what happens after you make an offer on a house and much more. This will be interactive, as well, so once the liquid courage kicks in, feel free to ask all the questions you want ;-).
Do I need to be actively looking for a home right now?
Nope. We’re going to bombard you with beer, not “hard sell” techniques. It’s smart to find out what goes into buying a house–even if you never pull the trigger yourself, it’s great to be able to correct that know-it-all friend who’s somehow an expert on every topic you try to talk about.
What if I’ve already bought a home?
That’s cool, too. More information never hurt anyone (see above), and we’ll also answer any questions about selling a home if you’ve already been through the buying process.
Why are you doing this at a bar?
Because we like beer, and so do you. Because learning is always more fun when there’s booze involved. Because you’re not the only one who likes O’Neal’s, OK?
When we’re done, can we talk about Latrice declaring herself to be “the most respected, beloved queen in the game?” 
Yes! Latrice, girl, you’re a legend but you did not bring your A-game to All-Stars 4.