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This is one of my favorite murals in Fishtown. There are so many great ones, we’re putting the link to many more along with their stories in our stories today! Tell us what your favorite is! 
“Persistence​ is an imagined portrait by artist Jason Andrew Turner that was created in collaboration with women at the Lutheran Settlement House (LSH) in 2019,” project curator Ryan Strand Greenberg explained over email. “The portrait does not portray an existing person in the present, but rather one deeply inspired by the oral history of long-time community members and the history of LSH. In 1902, LSH was started by women in service to women and families through social, advocacy, and educational services.”
Art by Jason Andrew Turner
Info and quote by “Guide to Philly”
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We are cancelling the House Crawl this week and asking folks to join us at this Rally instead! We have big feelings about a massive stadium being put into the center of the city, and right next to Chinatown. If you want to hear more about why we feel this strongly about this, head over to our stories and find a link to the YouTube video about this topic!
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Did you ever wonder what Lauras life looked like before she became an agent? I did! So we’re starting a new series where we chat a bit about Laura’s career history, and how many of those jobs made her into the perfect agent today.
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Happy 16th Anniversary to these two lovebirds!! I hope you are enjoying a beer and something yummy for dinner, followed by binging an entire series over the weekend! 🎊🎉❤️
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