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Welcome to Pennsport! Were kicking off our neighborhood tours of Philly with my neighborhood! We have so many beautiful outdoor spaces that are perfect for kids. 
Clips 1 & 2- Jefferson square 
Clips 3 & 4- Dickinson park 
Clip 5 & 6- Goldstar Park 
Clip 7- Sacks Playground and Pool
Clip 8- mini park! Manton Street Park
Clip 9- Herron Park- lots of water fountains
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NEW PROJECT ALERT! We have been lucky enough to work with lots of clients moving into Philadelphia this year. And we get it, Philly is the best place to live! Two hours from NYC, an hour from the beach, with more food than we can handle. Since we have lots of newbies, we are going to be featuring a different neighborhood each month. Each week we will be featuring different aspects of a neighborhood. They will be divided into 4 sections. 1. Restaurants, bars, coffee shops, deli’s. 2. Retail. 3. Wellness/self care. 4. Public spaces like parks, pools etc…
This month we will be featuring Pennsport in South Philly. This happens to be where our social media manager @britreed16 lives, so you will be getting a locals only tour! Keep your eye out tomorrow for our first video!
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Want to know the strangest question Laura has been asked?! I did and it didn’t disappoint. Hint - ghosts are involved! 
#ghosts #spooky #realestate #realtor #realestateagent #philly #phillyhistory
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