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One of the most upsetting things about the slow destruction/widdling down of Philadelphias Chinatown by the major highways that run directly through it is the lack of parks and green space. If you do a quick Google search on the history of Philadelphias Chinatown, you will see photos of folks growing gardrens of veggies to make their own food. That doesn’t exist anymore in Chinatown. The only major park in the neighborhood is Franklin Square, which technically falls outside of the boarders of the neighborhood. 
Franklin Square is a beautiful park, with lots of seating, a playground for kiddos, a carosel, a mini-golf course, and a spot to walkup and order food. Its meticulously maintained and has lots of fun events for kids and families to enjoy. October seems like a particularly busy month there. There is even a wedding venue on site!
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Happy Indigenous People day. For centuries, the land now known as Philadelphia was home to and cared for by native peoples. These include the Lenni-Lenape People of Lenapehoking and the Poutaxat (Delaware Bay).
We acknowledge that we are living on Indigenous land, and that the Indigenous people in the United States deserve so much better than what colonizers have done. #indigenouspeoplesday
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Hey! All you Swifties that are learning football this week, why not learn a little about Rugby too! We have been a long time sponsor of the @philadelphiarugby team and although we have gone and watched many games, we admit we didn’t always know what the hell was happening. So Shilo is here to tell us the 5 most important things about rugby!
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If you happen to be a first time home buyer or you are considering buying for the fire time, here is a little breakdown of what you can expect to pay each month. We’re using 6% as our interest rate here, so keep that in mind!
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