This jawn was way more successful than we could have imagined

We are just about out of the free t-shirts, and it was so successful that we decided to spin it off as its own jawn. If we don’t have your desired size or style here, you may find it over at, plus a whole bunch of other new products and designs.

If you want one of our few remaining shirts, you can grab one here. Due to high demand, t-shirt orders are limited to one per person right now. Also, we are a small business serving the greater Philly area, and as such, we are only shipping shirts to local residents. Out-of-state orders and/or multiple orders to the same name or address will be canceled without notice. In some cases we may try to contact you for clarification, so providing a fake email address really works against you there. Thanks for understanding.


(Yes, really…even the shipping)

What the hell do great t-shirts and real estate have to do with each other? Well, like any small business, we need to meet new people in order to grow, and everyone loves free t-shirts, right? Yeah, except not all free t-shirts are created equal, so, in an effort to avoid the pajama drawer, we decided to make free t-shirts great again (ugh, sorry). Anyway, the idea is we make some fun, Philly-centric t-shirts, you wear them, and when people ask where you got them, you send them to, which redirects to this page. And, obviously, when you (or anyone you know) are ready to buy, sell or rent a place in the greater Philly area, we’d love to have your business.

Just for the record, this little bit here is as “hard sell” as we will ever get; no spam, no calls, no pressure, no weirdness. I know, right? We are not your average real estate jawn.

You can also vote for future designs here:

Experimental Designs