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So what is a House Crawl™ anyway?

Loosely inspired by bar crawls we (sort of) remember, we invented the best way to find where you want to live–it’s called a House Crawl™, and it’s like an open house for an entire neighborhood. We start at a local coffee shop, take you inside several active listings, and end at a local bar, because for many of us, Life is essentially just the stuff we have to squeeze in between coffee and beer :-)

Oh, we actually get to go into the houses?

Yep, and all of the houses we go into are actively on the market at various price points so you can understand the market in that neighborhood. This helps when you’re trying to answer questions like: What’s the difference between a $200,000 house and a $700,000 house in this neighborhood? Do condos make sense in this area? Does outdoor space come at a premium here? Would buying a fixer-upper here be a good idea? Will my father ever just say he’s proud of me and leave it at that?*

*That last one is a little outside the purview of a House Crawl™, but if it helps, we’re sure proud of you, Champ.

Sounds cool, what else should I know?

For Sellers: We sometimes call the House Crawl™ “boot camp for sellers,” because once you’ve come on one or two of them, you’ll have a very good sense of what buyers like to see when it’s time to list your house. Multiple people have told us how helpful it was to see how a cross section of people reacted to various homes, both positively and negatively–it’s like your very own focus group.

For Buyers: We don’t just go into houses. We also walk the neighborhood so you get a good feel for what the whole area has to offer. In Philadelphia, you buy into a history, a community, and a set of amenities (like parks, schools, and shops) that vary from neighborhood to neighborhood, and sometimes even from block to block. A House Crawl™ can help you find a block to love.

Are you a giant ball of anxiety who can’t even commit to finishing Season 2 of Ted Lasso before Season 3 comes out, much less buying a house right now? No worries–looky-loos are totally welcome. Whether you’ve only taken a few baby steps into your exploration of Philadelphia real estate or you just like to look at houses, come on out.

Oh, I get it–you lure us in with house porn and then go for the hard sell…

Hey. You seem great. We can definitely work together if you want, but “hard sell” is not our jam. Of course, if you ever buy, sell, or rent a property, we’d like it to be with us, but even if you never intend to participate in a real estate transaction in your entire life, we’d still love to have you join us on a House Crawl™. Why? Because 1) we really do enjoy talking about real estate and Philadelphia that much, and 2) if you have a good time, maybe you’ll tell a friend or six (I mean, we do have to make a living, we just try not to be too obnoxious about it.).

That’s fair. Anything else I should know?

Just a few logistical details: All House Crawls™ start with coffee at 10 am (start location will be emailed after you sign up), but you can show up any time between 10 and 10:30. After we see a few houses, we’ll end at a local bar for lunch and drinks. Feel free to peel off at any point along the way if you have somewhere else to be.

And finally, if you’re bringing additional guests, please RSVP for each person individually (we’re going into people’s homes–for liability reasons, we need contact details for everyone who is attending).